The Unique Identification Authority

The organization is headed through a chairman, and he will have a cabinet position.btn

Doodh Ganga

Dairy business enterprise scheme

Department of Animal Husbandry of Government of India has launched this scheme.btn

Ladli Scheme

The girl kid in family/the public

According to the scheme the daughter child obtains free education & upbringing... btn


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Rural Godown Scheme (RGS) or Gramin Bhandaran Yojana

The purpose of rural godown plan is to offer the agricultural society with amenities for methodical storeroom so that depletion & creation of worsening are evaded & also to allow it to convene its credit prerequisite without being bound to vend the manufacture at a occasion when the cost are small (misery auction).

NABARD has put down certain rule for godown for example:

Persons, Firms, corporation, etc. may adopt the scheme of building of Rural Godown.

At any space Rural Godown may be built exterior to the Municipal Corporation limits.

The building of Rural Godown should be done according to CPWD standards. The construction shall be termites resistant and shall consist of defense against birds, rodents, etc.

To have efficient fumigation Godown may be sealed.

Arrangements for simple stocks loading/unloading shall be incorporated.

Industrialists may be essentially obtained a permit to function the Godown.

Accomplishment of National Warehouse Receipt System should be there.

Capacity: Godown capacity shall be determined by an industrialist. Though, grant under the system shall be limited to a least capacity of hundred tonnes & utmost capacity of ten thousand tonnes.

Credit Linked Assistance: Subvention (@ fifteen or twenty five percent or 33.33%) in this proposal is connected to institutional credit & will be accessible to merely such schemes as are funded by profitable Banks. According to its name subvention is offered for godowns built in rural regions only.

Support in this program shall be accessible on capital price of building of godown plus the price of associated amenities like border wall, interior road, stage, interior drainage scheme, weighing, rating, packaging, class documentation, warehousing amenities that are functionally necessary to function the godown. Godowns beyond thousand ton capability the utmost acceptable assets venture is Rs. 3000.00 for each ton (it is upper bound to work out entitled subsidy).