The Unique Identification Authority

The organization is headed through a chairman, and he will have a cabinet position.btn

Doodh Ganga

Dairy business enterprise scheme

Department of Animal Husbandry of Government of India has launched this scheme.btn

Ladli Scheme

The girl kid in family/the public

According to the scheme the daughter child obtains free education & upbringing... btn


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Accredited Social Health Activist

Government of India's Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) has introduced Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) that is the name for society health personnel. This is as a portion of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) which started in the year of 2005 and targeted completed execution for the year of 2012. Once completely executed "an ASHA in all Village" is there in Indian country, an aim that converts into two lakh fifty thousand ASHAs in ten states.

Role of ASHAs

ASHAs are home women skilled to perform as fitness educators & advertisers in their societies and are describes by Indian MoHFW as:

...health activist(s) in the community who will create awareness on health and its social determinants and mobilize the community towards local health planning and increased utilization and accountability of the existing health services

Their jobs is inspiring women to have delivery in hospitals, carry kids to vaccination hospitals, cheering “family planning” (a surgical sterilization), care for primary illness & wound with 1st aid, maintaining demographic account, & civilizing village hygiene. ASHAs are as well required to act as a chief communication means among the healthcare organization & rural inhabitants.

Selection of ASHAs

ASHAs have to mainly be woman of the same village where they are supposed to work and probable to stay in that village for the predictable future. Wedded, widowed or separated women are favored than women who have until now not married as Indian customs wants women transfer to the husband village after marriage. A class 8 or higher education is must for ASHAs, if possible mostly in the age group of 25 & 45, & are chosen by & answerable to the gram Panchayat (home government). If case of no appropriate literate woman applicant, a semi-literate with a official education inferior than 8th class, may be chosen.

Remuneration for ASHA work

Though ASHAs are termed as volunteers, they get outcome- dependent payment and monetary reimbursement for teaching days. If an ASHA make possible an institutional birth she gets a sum of 600 Rs. & mother gets 1400 Rs. ASHAs also gets 150 Rs. for every kid completing a vaccination sitting, & 150 Rs. for every family planning person.  A Wednesday session is expected to be attended by every ASHA at the home Primary Health Centre (PHC). Otherwise time for ASHAs use on their CHW everyday jobs is comparatively flexible.