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Doodh Ganga

Dairy business enterprise scheme

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Ladli Scheme

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Food for Work Programme


There are almost 150 districts in the country that have been identified as the backward districts of India on the  basis of poverty mark as considered by SC/ST population, agriculture generation by each worker and income generated through agriculture. These areas are identified by the Planning Commission and generally are belong to tribal areas.

The ‘Food for Work’ is one of the ways pf paying the wages to the workers. Under this programme, the resources are paid in form of either cash or food grains for generating additional income for the tasks performed and hence, generate resources in the identified 150 backward blocks. With the implementation of the scheme there are efforts made to synchronize the wages mentioned under various schemes for the generated employment. The triumph of this scheme depends on the prophecy with which this plan is being implemented.

The implementation of ‘Food for Work’ guarantees a paid job. If the programme is successfully implemented, it would give the government required push needed for implementing the wage employment guarantee for the first 150 districts identified as the backward districts and further gaining the confidence for implementing the scheme in more number of districts in India.

Target Group

The idea behind this scheme is for supporting the rural groups who have requirement of being paid for their jobs that can either be manual or unskilled.

Funding Pattern

This scheme is executed with the 100 percent support of Centre. The states receive the desired food grains from Centre fee of cost. The cost of the transportation, handling charges and any types of taxes to be paid for the food grains lies under the responsibility of states.

Programme Strategy

The collector of the district held the responsibility of planning, implementing, coordinating, supervising and observing the scheme. Additional assistants required by the collector are given by the DRDA who receives the fund and food grans.

The scheme is focused on conserving the water, scarcity and development of land. For the sustainability of economy, following facilities must also be give like flood control or protection, connectivity to the roads that can be accessible by the rural areas at any time etc. must be taken.

Under this scheme, a five year plan is prepared keeping in consideration the level of district, block and gram panchayat.

The tasks to be performed under this scheme are implemented keeping in mind existing schemes of both the central and state government level.

Food Grains under NFFWP

The provision of providing food in lieu of wages to be paid for the work done by any person protects the nutritional values of the family who belong to the rural areas. The food grains are given to the workers under the NFFWP scheme at cost of Rs 5 for each man-day that is based on uniform BPL rate. The wages paid in the form of money and food grain must be disbursed such that the workers receive minimum amount of decided wages.

Wages under NFFWP

The wages to be disbursed under the NFFWP scheme must be given moderately both in form of money and food grains. The wages to be paid must not be less than what has been decided by State Government and both men and women must be given same wages for the type of work they have been performing. The wage difference must be not made on the basis of sex. The contractors must be banned and also machines that replace the manual workers requirement must be prohibited under this scheme. The basic facilities like drinking water, rest areas for the labor, and care zone for the children whose mother is coming to work must be provided on each working location.