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The organization is headed through a chairman, and he will have a cabinet position.btn

Doodh Ganga

Dairy business enterprise scheme

Department of Animal Husbandry of Government of India has launched this scheme.btn

Ladli Scheme

The girl kid in family/the public

According to the scheme the daughter child obtains free education & upbringing... btn


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National Literacy Mission Programme

Literacy and education are the two most important spheres in which both the State governments and the National government have contributed to. In this regard, schools are being made for the underprivileged, night schools are established for those who are working and the government is also paying attention to adult education. In the Union Level, the National Literacy Mission Authority (NLMA) is the highest organ which looks into the functioning of subordinate bodies dealing with adult literacy. The bodies of the NLMA which look into the management of policies and its execution across the country are the General council and Executive committee.

Currently, adult education is provided through the Saakshar Bharat Programme (SBP) which sponsored by the Central Government. The agenda is executed in work approach. NLMA is the Apex Agency at the State level. The Joint Secretary of adult education is by default the Director General of the NLMA. This wing was set up in 1988 with the directives of the Union Cabinet and the HRD ministry, which was then the Education Department. The Cabinet gives complete discretionary powers to the NLMA regarding its sphere of work.

NLMA is authorized with:

  • Strategy and arrangement
  • Progressive and advertising activities
  • Operative tasks comprising backing to charitable actions and other NGOs
  • Technological illustrations
  • Management training
  • Resource building which includes media and resource materials
  • Research and growth
  • Monitoring and assessment etc.

General Council – is the core body of the NLMA. It is led by the minister of Human Resource Development and includes the Ministers of Panchayati Raj, Rural Development, Minority Affairs and several other heads of various other departments in the Union Government. Even two to three members of the Parliament are in this team. This core body supervises the policy making and execution of such policies by different institutions regarding the question of adult education. It is developmental body which is successful in defining India’s welfare scheme for its citizens.

Executive Committee

This committee is mainly responsible for executing all the programmes and policies that have been laid down by the general council. Its aim is to correctly and efficiently implement their agenda as well as introduce any new developments or research methods which they think would benefit adult education. It is headed by a Secretary and consists of an advisor, members of Planning commission, Financial Advisor of the human Resource development, some state directors of adult education and representatives of the Parliament and NGO’s.

Grants in Aid Committee

Implementation of policies regarding adult education needs grants and funding’s, most of which comes from the Union level. The body which looks into such applications of grants is a sub - committee known as the Grants- in- Aid Committee. This committee is formed by the ministers of the Human Resource Development and led by the Secretary of Education.

All the Three Bodies

The general council, the executive committee and the grants in aid committee were formed in legal manner in the year 2010 and have been carrying on their work efficiently since its inception.