The Unique Identification Authority

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Doodh Ganga

Dairy business enterprise scheme

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Ladli Scheme

The girl kid in family/the public

According to the scheme the daughter child obtains free education & upbringing... btn


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Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yojna

    The scheme is being greatly implemented for typical handicraft artisans.


    • Necessary empowerment as well as integrated development of typical handicraft artisans especially into a well organized market.


    • Mobilization and awareness generation of typical handicraft arts for their overall development and progress.
    • To provide training to artisans along with great market exposure so that they could sell out their handicraft products.
    • To provide proper education and market knowledge to artisans so that they could learn the market techniques to get better result out of it.

    Public Interventions:

    • To make awareness and diagnostic survey of all kinds of handicraft artisans especially females.
    • Categorizing artisans into high-tech self-help organizations.
    • To provide facility of issuing identity card for artisan, life insurance services and health insurance.

    Industrial Interventions:

    • To provide training for the development of every new designs in handicraft.
    • To distribute new technology enabled tools equipments or tools to all artisans.
    • To organize various seminars and workshops to help artisans.

    Marketing Interventions:

    • Market/product assessment as well as exposure cum study tour of various artisans.
    • To organize sale cum exhibition of stuffs.
    • Advertise via electronic and print medium.

    Financial Interventions:

    • During training period, to provide wage to every artisans.
    • To provide guidance and assistance to get best skill by organizing various seminars, workshops and consultant camps.
    • To provide loan facility to all artisans so that they can get best result out of the scheme.

           Infrastructural Interventions:

    • Establishing common centre or production center, customer service and raw material centre.


    • Primary – about 625 Female handicraft artisans (embroidery work) and their members of family.
    • Secondary – to set up handicraft artisan community in provided location.

    Area served:

  • Sheikhpura district and Barbigha block of state Bihar.