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Kishori Shakti Yojana

The Kishori Shakti Yojana is a programme which has been undertaken to promote and provide education and knowledge to young girls between the age of eleven and eighteen regarding their environment, social status, social problems, health, hygiene, marital status etc. It also aims to teach young girls sufficient vocational skills with the help of which they would be empowered and become self-sufficient human beings. This programme aims to being a difference in the lives of these young women and make them productive and contributive social beings in the society.

This scheme is a modification of the existing scheme known as Adolescent Girls scheme under the Integrated Child Development Scheme in the Union Level. This project is also financed by the Central Government of India. The developments brought in this modification has further enhanced the effectively of the scheme. It focuses on the needs of young girls which are changing drastically with time. These problems are addressed and solutions are found through this scheme.


The main objectives of this particular undertaking are to provide adequate knowledge regarding nutrition, health and hygiene, development and welfare of adolescent girls and family care. This policy also plays an important role in making the girls knowledgeable about their environment and the social strata in which they live in so that they can become self-sufficient members of the society.

  • Providing proper nutrition and taking care of the health of the girls falling in the age group of eleven to eighteen years.
  • To deliver training and impart information in them with the help of informal amenities such that they become capable of taking their own decisions.
  • To train the girls in vocational education and home science.
  • To impart in them the knowledge of hygiene, health, environment, family and child upbringing. Also, to reason with them that girls are married only after they are eighteen years and above.
  • To be able to comprehend environmental and social problems better and measure its influence on their lives.
  • To encourage young girls to undertake such useful and productive ventures so that they can contribute to the society in a good way.

Thus, all teenage girls of 11-18 years will receive the subsequent mutual facilities:-

  • Educational activities through non-formal & functioned literacy pattern.
  • Immunization
  • A general health check up every six months
  • Treatment for minor ailments
  • De worming
  • Prophylaxis measures against anemia, goiter, vitamin deficiencies etc.
  • Referral to PHC/District Hospital in the case of acute need
  • Convergence with Reproductive Child Health Scheme.

It is also seen that all unmarried girls between the age of eleven and eighteen hailing from families who have a lower income than six thousand four hundred a year, would be eligible for further services under this arrangement.